Q) Can I just book a course for next week?

Generally no, Intensive Courses have to be planned well ahead. Typically the Practical Driving Test wait times can be anything from 4 to 8 weeks. Usually my diary is full 6 weeks in advance.

Q) Can I complete my course in the School Holidays/ Half term week?

Yes but please bear in mind the answer above and also that these periods are always the busiest for me and the Driving Test Centres. Typically I sell out School Holiday dates 12 weeks in advance.

Q) Do I need to have passed my Theory before booking an Intensive Course?

No, but we would recommend it as we are unable to book your practical Test until you have a valid Theory certificate and this might delay the course starting or we may have to hold back a day for the practical test at a later date.

Q) I am a complete novice but a fast learner, could I do a week course?

Possibly, you would need to have a valid Theory test certificate for us to book the Practical test and course. I would then recommend our 35 Hour option. This is a 2 hour pre course assessment or “taster” session, then a 3 hour pre course “getting to know your basics” and then the 30 hour one week course over 5 days.

Q) I’ve taken some lessons before, so which Intensive course would suit me?

Best option would be to book the 90 Minute assessment lesson for £35. During this time you will drive and we can discuss together your strengths and weaknesses and I can tailor a course to suit your exact needs. At the end of the session I will advise which of our courses would suit you best and allow you time to think about booking.

Q) I’ve shopped around, why are your prices cheaper than most?

You are booking direct which is always cheaper. Typically most nationally advertised Intensive Driving School companies do not employ their own Instructors, instead most act as an inter-mediatory or “Broker” and sell on the course to a local independent instructor. This means they have to put their percentage on top of what the instructor charges.

Q) I’ve seen guaranteed pass courses advertised elsewhere do you offer them?

No. It’s impossible to offer a so called “Guaranteed Pass”. Typically around 7 out of 10 of my pupils pass first time, and usually the others are very close and can get it next time.
Those companies that offer this service generally inflate their course prices to include the option of having to pay out for another test for you if you fail. Then if you pass first time, they make more money. I prefer to have a much more open and honest charging policy.

Q) Ive got a test booked but the waiting list is so long, can you reccomend a good Test Cancellation finder service that I could use to bring the date forward?

I use a service called Driving Test Genie, and have arranged for a special referal discount please use this link to take you to the discounted site: https://www.drivingtestgenie.co.uk/signup?voucher=IJF7198