New to Mk Intensives we now offer training to those wishing to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). We have three options as set out below.

Option 1 – You have ideas about becoming an ADI but havent yet taken any steps to starting the application process and would like to know more.

1 Day (5 Hour) ADI Suitability Assessment .          £150

So you are thinking of becoming an ADI but not sure what`s involved or whether you would enjoy the job. To help you make a considered judgement we offer a one day 5 hour suitability assessment.

During the morning session we will go through the qualifying process, what’s involved, how the exams work, and what it’s like to be an ADI day to day.  We will then provide lunch and coffee. During the afternoon session we will conduct a 90minute driving assessment. Answer questions and give you more pointers into further study, ready for starting the training process.

Option 2 – You have already applied to become an ADI and have been accepted to start the ADI Qualifying process, and most probably already booked your ADI Part 1 (Theory) test.

Moving forward with the Qualification process you will need to pass both the Part 2 Advanced Driving Test and the Part 3 Ability to Instruct Test. We can help with both of these as follows.

2 Day (10 Hour) ADI Part 2 Training (in car).           £395

This includes a 2 Hour driving assessment. 6 Hours of advanced driver training and a 2 Hour Mock Part 2 Test and result debrief. This also includes your first attempt at the Part 2 exam which we will book for you at a time convenient for you. This is a one on one training programme designed to suit your needs.

7 Day (40 Hour) ADI Part 3 Training(car based).   £1250

This includes Workbook, 40hour one on one tuition in car based exercises and mock Part 3 exams. By the end of the course you should be ready to sit the Part 3 exam. Note this course does not include the actual Part 3 Exam, although we can help you to book this with the DVSA.

If you have any questions please call Ian on 07904221867 for a no obligation chat.

If you are ready to book and want to pay online please use one of the following Pay Now methods listed below:

ADI Instructor courses
CourseFull Price (£)Deposit (£)Balance (£)
Option 1
5Hour 1 Day ADI suitability assessment

Option 2
10Hour 2 Day ADI Part 2 Training



Option 3
40Hour 7 Day ADI Part 3 Training