DVSA Teaching Inspection 9th Jan 2017 – Grade A

The Intensive Driving Course Specialist in Milton Keynes

Ian Fido, Top ADI Grade 6 and YouTube internet Driving School hit!

You could pass your test in a matter of weeks!

Ian Fido; a Top ADI Grade 6 and YouTube internet Driving School hit, brings you a new dynamic in Driver Training for Milton Keynes.
Intensive Driving Courses with specially designed Driving Lessons for the Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, extending to Buckingham and Aylesbury.
Part of the SidS Driving School brand, we aim to bring you the best and “Fast Pass” way to a full Driving License in Milton Keynes, whist preparing you for your Driving Test at Bletchley or Leighton Buzzard Driving Test Centres.
From a 1 day (6 Hour Re-test), to a full 48 hour, ten day Intensive Driving Course in Milton Keynes designed around your exact needs by this professional Intensive Driving Intructor.
No Crash Courses here, we train you to drive safe for life!

Why Use Intensive Driving School Milton Keynes?

  • Intensive Driving Course Specialist
  • Recently Failed? – Test Rescue Service
  • One to One Theory Tuition available
  • Pick up/drop off home, school, college or work
  • Lesson Videos for you to review at home
  • Milton Keynes/Buckingham/Aylesbury
  • Part of the SidS Brand
  • A member of MSA GB (Motor Schools Association of Great Britain)
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Top Grade Instructor – Best Quality Tuition – Happy Customers – Tests Passed!

Driving Test Rescue Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire


Just £225. 6 hours and test fee

Assessment Driving Lesson


Book from only £35. Fast pass intensives

Intensive Driving Courses


You could pass your test in a matter of weeks!

Intensive Driving Schoole Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire


Intensive Driving school for Milton Keynes and Buckingmshire

Why Use MK Intensive Driving School?

If you want to learn to drive, youre going to need to take lessons and get training. So, think about the options available to you. You might consider taking regular lessons with a driving instructor and going at your own pace. But, if you want to fast track the process you might consider visiting the MK Intensive driving school. Here are some excellent reasons why you need to make sure you use them to help you pass your test.

Get Experienced – Quickly!

When you first pass your driving test, its going to be a culture shock. Youre still going to have to get used to driving on your own, and driving on busy roads. And thats why intensive courses can be so beneficial to you. They throw you in at the deep end and encourage you to adapt to your surroundings quickly and effectively. And this is something youre going to need to be accomplished at when you finally get out on the road. So, reap the benefits of an intensive driving school to make you a more confident first-time driver

Perfect for Fast Learners

If you are someone who is something of a fast learner you will be perfectly suited to this. An intensive course is going to need a lot of hard work, and the capacity to learn quickly. Youre going to have to learn a great deal in a short period of time if you want to pass the test. Fast learners will excel here and come away at the end as fully qualified drivers. If you feel like youre a fast learner, and you dont want to put in the hours and months of regular lessons, this is ideal.

Saves Money

The great thing about using an intensive driving school is that it means you get everything done much more quickly. The benefit of this is that it saves you a lot of cash. You see, driving lessons are becoming much more expensive these days. And you might need to have quite a few lessons before youre ready to take and pass your test. The good thing about intensive courses is that you will pay a one off fee for the course, and you should be in a position to pass by the end of the week.

Good Reputation

When youre looking for a driving school, you need to know youre making the right choice. And that means youve got to do what you can to ensure you choose the perfect school. This means looking at something with an excellent reputation. MK Intensive offers you the perfect environment to get the training you need. Picking the perfect school will leave you perfectly trained to pass your driving test with flying colours.

Its important to think about the benefits of using intensive driving schools. Learning to drive is not easy, and can set you back a lot of money. There can be a lot of stress involved, and its difficult to find the time to take the lessons you need. Thats why you need to do what you can to expedite the process. And this is the advantage of using the MK intensive driving school to help you. You can get the training and experience you need in a condensed timeframe.

To help you pass, MK Intensive offer a range of services from a 90 minute assessment lesson, to see which course suits you, to the full 48 hour, ten day intensive driving course. Contact Us today for a friendly chat.